Creative Grooming Competition rules


The creative competition show their artistic talent by creating their work on hair! The judges will award trophies to the three better groomers in this competition.

 * All products used in this competition must be without any risk to the animal.

Regulations Goal : This competition highlight your creative grooming skills, your mastery in coloring and your professional skills.

This competition is open to all professional groomers. All breeds are accepted.


Duration: 2:45 to make your cut, adding colors and decorative items (including a break from A few minutes for the dog half way)

15 more minutes to costume yourself and set up your decor.

Length of hair, pattern and color accepted: - The required hair growth is 6 weeks. - Semi-permanent colors must be applied before the competition. - Scissoring sculpture and shave part must be done during the competition.

* Pattern too much determined in advance will result in a loss of score. - Temporary colors must be applied during the competition. - All products, decorative objects, colorings and applications must be safe for the animal. - Ornaments should not interfere with the movement of the animal and didn't Affecting his paws, ears or his tail. - Bulky or heavy objects placed on the dog are prohibited. - The adhesives used must be soluble in water. - Hair discoloration is forbidden. Preparing the dog for competition: - The hair must be clean, dry and without knots. - The ears must be clean. - The claws must be cut. - The genitals parts and inside of the pads must be shaved before Evaluation of judges Finishing techniques: - Precision and sharpness of the shaved part. - Quality of scissoring. - The whole decoration. - Application, separation and depth of colors in general.

Profile: - Aspect and balance of the creation including color, style and decoration. - Easily recognizable design. - Originality. - Percentage of creation during the competition. - Difficulty in applying color before and during the competition. - The whole creation realized considering the size of the dog. Final presentation: - A maximum of 2 assistants can enter the workspace during the 15-minute scene. - Exceeding the deadlines results in a penalty. - Participants have up to two minutes to present a sketch, song, Music, and more. - Up to three people can be present on the stage. - The soundtrack must be given to the staff before the start of the competition ** Important: Your presence is required 45 minutes before the start of the competitions

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